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Despite the forecast of very strong winds starting at 12:00, the night was reasonable with only normal rain, and the morning looked lovely so we took the opportunity to look around Lincoln for a while. We went to the Lookout and cruised around some of the streets looking at the “Tuna Mansions”. We saw the statue of Makybe Diva on the foreshore yesterday. Neither of us had any inclination to go Tuna feeding or swimming in a cage beside sharks and with the awful weather forecast on our minds we decided to head for home and just see how far we got before fatigue set in. We thought Tumby Bay was a nice little place and spent some time in the Bakery there but when we left we could see the dark clouds forming behind us and we could see bands of rain radiating from them. Before we reached Whyalla the rain hit us and by Port August although the temperature was still 28 deg. the wind was really buffeting the car. By “The Tin Man” near Port Pirie it was only 12 deg. black sky, strong gusty wind and heavy rain. Driving was difficult because the big trucks not only caused blinding sprays of water but also added their draught to the wind gusts. We felt sorry for all the campers heading off up the road in such foul weather while we would soon be in a nice, solid house where we could shut the doors and leave the weather outside!

The holiday is over, the unpacking begins …………….tomorrow.

Port Lincoln

It was a beautiful morning in Streaky Bay, calm and sunny so we took our time packing up. There was a very strange noise coming from trees near us and eventually I saw a couple of herons, canoodling, I think. I would never have expected to see them in trees but maybe they’re like Storks.

After yesterday’s disappointments we were looking forward to seeing the promised Sea Lions and we weren’t disappointed this time. There wasn’t an enormous number, maybe 30 and they were spread out over different rocky areas but they were quite active. Different ones went swimming and the water was so clear you could watch them all the time, some sat up watching and others looked like giant slugs stuck to rocks. One quite big male made his way out of the water and it was interesting watching the reactions of those which had been lying peacefully before. I presume it was a younger male that had to move away closer to another group of peaceful sleepers.

After the Sea Lions we went to see Murphy’s Haystacks which we’d been told were just a few rocks like you’d see in dozens of paddocks but we liked them. The shapes and textures were interesting and we certainly didn’t mind donating a couple of dollars since effort had been put into making the place a pleasure to walk around. The farms around are certainly looking lush but lots of sheep look dirty and thin and we thought they might have been brought in from a drought affected area.

We also went to see the Woolshed Cave which I found scary. The water has cut giant troughs through the rocks and the waves force the water up the troughs ending with forceful sprays before the water recedes again. The sides of the troughs weren’t level and looked as though they were coated with slippery sand so neither of us ventured too far towards the cave. The top of the cave had very interesting rock formations and there was one Native Bee hive hanging from the roof.

The dirt roads seem to have Sleepy Lizards crossing every few hundred metres and countless squashed ones. I’ve never seen one following another hot on its tail before and wonder if it’s mating time because we saw at least a dozen like that.

We arrived in Port Lincoln late in the afternoon so only had time to set up ten go into town to find some food. Almost all the sites here are drive-through so that’s a plus but they’re very narrow so no room for the annexe, in fact, the pull-out kitchen reaches the edge of our space. Tomorrow we’ll have a good look around the place if the weather stays nice.

Giant slugs

That’s MY patch!

This one is more of a wave than a haystack -Murphy’s Haystacks, Streaky Bay

Signs like this make me nervous!

Steps to Woolshed Cave

In hot pursuit.

Streaky Bay

No other campers came into the parking area last night so we had lots of space. At the old telegraph station , Eucla, yesterday we were talking to some people travelling in a big red bus, they had to hand over their fruit and veg, and even the bird seed they had for their birds. We expected to be stopped by the quarantine mob when we crossed the border so we gave them all the stuff we had but we weren’t stopped at all. Rather than buy more then have to relinquish it near Ceduna we had a make do meal with some left over bread roll from Esperance, steak and Tomato Relish. The steak was fine and the relish added a touch of piquancy ( for any foodies) but I can tell you Turkish Bread which is worth delaying your departure for on Day 1 is very tough and not worth fighting over on Day 2!

We packed up and drove out it was 7:30 SA time so we stopped for some breakfast at Nundroo. Alex is very relieved that the long stretches are behind us. We’ve been trying so hard to obey the road signs and watched for wombats all the way but only saw 2 and they were “out of this world” or to put it more bluntly, dead. Thevenard was our next stop and from a lookout we could see lots of seabirds clustered on rocks and then someone pointed out some seals. We had fun watching the antics for quite a while.

Smoky Bay didn’t have anything to keep us there so we came on to Streaky and have decided to stay for 2 nights. The Campground is nice, right on the waterfront but hopefully not blasted by winds, the amenities are perfect and there seem to be interesting sights to see.

Pelican Pair hanging out at the fish cleaning station.

Seal and Cormorants.