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Day 44 – William Creek

Today was a day of:

Dirt Roads



and Relics

and Nature

Day 43 – Oodnadatta

There was another lovely sunrise this morning after a very cold night, I’m glad we have power so we can use a heater in the mornings.

The stand-out from today was the Painted Desert. I thought it would be hard pressed to rival the colours of the Ochre Pits at Lyndhurst but it excelled. Unfortunately photos don’t do the place justice, it was stupendous. Not only the colours in the hills but what seemed to be flood plain had an amazing mix of colours. Just awe inspiring. They say the time to see the place is sunrise or sunset but that wasn’t an option for us, we don’t want to risk hitting a kangaroo, emu or cattle. It didn’t matter, the colours were already magic.

The signs made by the late Adam Plate of the Pink Roadhouse certainly add to the enjoyment of places. We’d miss many things if not for his signs. He was actually killed in a classic car rally not far from our home so I feel a connection with him. Thanks Adam.

Adam Plate

Unfortunately I think he’s left a big gap in Oodnadatta, certainly the facilities at the caravan park desperately need maintenance.

We had a nice meal at the Transcontinental Hotel and enjoyed the atmosphere very much. The hosts go out of their way to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome.

Day 42 – Cadney Park

There isn’t really anything to write about today. In the campground though before we left we spoke to someone who had come along the Birdsville Track, his vehicle was covered in mud. Apparently there was a big storm in Birdsville and driving on the road was a nightmare with the vehicle skating across the clay.

We left Kulgera and drove to Marla which as usual was crowded with vehicles calling in for fuel, hot snacks and a lawn area to relax and eat. A “Groovy Grape” minibus stopped and the driver set up a table with lunch makings. The biggest group of passengers were young Asians.

After Marla we continued on until Cadney Homestead. The emblem for the Homestead is an eagle, there are various eagle objects in the Bar and Roadhouse but in the immediate area not a single live eagle to be seen. I did see a lovely one today with blonde wings and several others feeding on roadkill but didn’t manage to get any photos of them.