Some places we've been and some places we're going.


May 28th & 29th we went to Loveday, near Barmera, for a Jeep Club, “Come & Try Weekend”. We were in the “less experienced” group which suited us fine, we didn’t feel under pressure to do everything everyone else did and we came out in one piece.

The Campsite

In and out the bushes.

Looking back towards the Camper, beside the river.

Coals from the night’s big fire made a welcome warm spot in the morning.

Up the sandhill.

Down and across the sands.

On “The Playground”.

Getting down and dirty.

In “The Playground.”

Testing out the suspension on the “moguls”.

What goes up ……

….must come down.

Comments on: "Loveday" (2)

  1. Love the river shots at Loveday (my cousin Carol lives there) but don’t like the look of the sand hills.

  2. Wot! no one has commented yet…

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