Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Mystery Drive -August ’14

In July, I think, we were booked to go on a Jeep Club Mystery Drive but the weather was terrible, I was sick, others pulled out and then the leader’s car once again lost the lowest gears so the trip was postponed. On Sunday, Aug. 17th the weather was perfect and 6 cars set off from Tea Tree Gully pub which is on the suburb fringe, I think. It certainly didn’t take long to get out onto dirt roads. I was surprised when I started to recognise names and then we came to the turnoff for Cathy’s place at Humbug Scrub.

We had morning tea at Lyndoch where there is a nice German Bakery then headed off on more tracks

The growth beside the roads changed constantly from giant Gum Trees, to Yakkas and Melaleuca type bushes. We saw big hills of bare, lumpy rocks and miles of stone walls bordering paddocks.

The day before we left Alex read the trip sheet (remember his mantra about the reason for the last minute) and realised we were supposed to have a “water blind”, the leader had been through a few weeks before and there were lots of water crossings, some quite deep. There were no places open to buy one so I put a tarp in the back of the car hoping that would do if we couldn’t borrow one from someone else. I needn’t have worried, we only came across a couple of big puddles.

Our biggest water crossing was the Murray at Swan Reach, I was very impressed with the beard on the ferryman. We had a nice lunch of Chilli Prawns and Salad at the pub then made our way back home via Murray Bridge. A couple of cars went to check out the Sleeper Track but they were people from Gawler & Kersbrook for us that would have been heading away from home again and we had a family dinner planned.

It was a good day out in perfect weather, a few bigger puddles would have added to the fun. Now that I’ve said that probably next time I’ll be scared stiff when we have to cross a real river!

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