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Octoberfest 2013 – Willangi

Although this wasn’t an official Jeep Club Event I’ve put it here because we went with other Jeep Club members.

First obstacle before we even left home. HOW did I get in there with that up on top?

First obstacle before we even left home. HOW did I get in there with that wheel up on top?

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On Saturday morning we set off on the Horseshoe Rim Top End tagalong tour. We had to travel over 100kms from the campsite to the start of the 4WD part. The trickiest part was a single rock step but our Saunder’s Gorge training made it stress free.

On Saturday night we were entertained by the excellent band, “Strickland Road”, most of them are members of Mount Lofty Ranges 4WD Club. Unfortunately the wind was so antisocial it kept blowing the campfire smoke over us without any of its warmth so by 10:00 we were both too tired and cold to stay out of bed. Despite the high volume we had no trouble going to sleep before they’d finished their programme and all their encores.

It was just amazing the way David and Cathy took my suggestion of a one on one session in tyre repairing to heart. Equally amazing was their ability to find and pick up an antique horse shoe nail to make the puncture. I really did appreciate their efforts. Thanks, Cathy and David.

On Sunday Alex & I went Geocaching. We had some problems reading the maps and benefited from hearing the convoy radio because we would never have found our way to the “slalom pole track” if we hadn’t heard mention of a series of twists and turns. They weren’t there to help us find our way back to camp after we’d found the first group of caches though. We needed to ask for advice from an isolated camper who told us how she managed to find her way out. Back at camp I spoke to Neil, the owner of Willangi, before we set off on the second section but we still managed to go onto the wrong property. Luckily for us Neil met us at the gate on our way back to camp having given up on the whole idea. He led us back to the right property and we had a great time roaming the tracks, watching the wildlife and finding caches. We did cross paths with the tag-a-long Cathy & David were following and we enjoyed listening to the radio commentary.

The last night there was a “Masterchef” type cook-out and some very tasty dishes were prepared. We enjoyed Alex’ tasty Hotpot which wasn’t entered into the competition because the stress of competition is just too great for us but we did get to taste some superb Damper cooked by a Northern Explorers member (Sorry Roger, you’ve been knocked off the pedestal) and Wendy’s delicious self-saucing Chocolate and Apricot pudding which won first prize.

Misty MorningP1040856

On Monday morning we searched for a few Geocaches in Peterborough before stopping for a coffee. Getting a coffee was a quite an experience, the cafe was called “Take a Break” but should have been “Take a L-o-n-g Break”, we managed to have a laugh with the people at the next table who also managed to eat their cake before the coffee beans had even left Brazil. I wondered how many times the woman outside would send her poor husband in to check the progress of their refreshments. Four times he came in, moved towards the counter but then left without saying anything. I think on the fourth time he must have seen real action because it wasn’t long after that their food was delivered. When we got our drinks it was the signal for a woman at another table to charge the counter and demand her money back because they apparently had ordered before us. The husband had to collect all the bags and follow her out without his morning coffee which according to Alex was delicious, my Hot Chocolate was certainly nice.

One cache location.

One cache location.

Although we thought we might stop at Clare or somewhere for the night we decided to head for home because the traffic wasn’t too bad but then we hit the Main North Road and heaps of returning holiday makers, still we made it home in good time. Although we appreciated the showers and flushing toilets at Willangi the ones at home are in another league! This was our first experience of a big 4WD get-together and I’m sure we will enjoy one again.

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