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Saunders Gorge March 2013

We learned a lot this weekend at Saunders Gorge Sanctuary, about 17kms out of Mt Pleasant. It’s a privately owned and funded conservation area. The weather was fine and sunny but for me over 30 deg. is a little hot when out in the sun. Thank goodness for AC in the car. On Saturday afternoon we were introduced to the Training Area which isn’t open to the public but because Steve is a driver trainer he has access and he was great, teaching us how to negotiate the range of scenarios presented from tight turns, steep rutted descents, stony steps, steep inclines and a creek bed. A couple of weeks ago we did the theory days for the Basic 4WD Training so we wanted to get some training marked off in the Log Books. Alex will probably do the assessments but they would stress me out too much. I figure I just want to do the training and practise to get some confidence.

We had a wonderful steak dinner in the Restaurant on Saturday night cooked by the proprietor, Brenton.

On Sunday we had a little time at the Training Area because some others had arrived. After a break for lunch to allow another group to get well ahead of us we headed out on The Loop. Time to face the real situations. Last time we were at Saunders’ Gorge, Alex drove down from Rocky Point but this time with him helping guide me and also moving some rocks for me I made it down. His big test was coming down a nasty washaway. I abandoned ship & took photos! Steve was brilliant, showing everyone where to point their wheels & using the UHF radio to give helpful advice. Even the experienced drivers took his advice. I think it would take 3D photos to show just what the tracks were like but the following ones will just have to do!

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