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Xmas Mystery Drive 2013

This was our first Mystery Tour and we really enjoyed it. We started from Victoria Park Racecourse and went around the roundabout twice because we thought the first question related to a business on the North West corner but I should have read the question more carefully because it was at a light controlled junction! We headed up Fullarton Road to Magill Road and then to Norton Summit. I’m not sure what came next but we went up  Checkers Road or something which has been a King of the Mountain stage of the Tour Downunder, down some dirt roads, down “Corkscrew” and I was very grateful I wasn’t on a bike for either of those sections. We missed a few answers because of congestion on the twisty turny roads, I am much more comfortable when I can watch where I’m going rather than reading clues or looking out the side window. Alex was good at interpreting the cryptic clues and luckily realized that “Willys’ Final Resting Place” wasn’t actually at the cemetery because “Willys” were Jeeps! When he saw the red one looking like it was being launched from the Hotel balcony we knew we’d made it to the finish.

If only I’d remembered to check the answers like teachers always tell you to do I would have realized I’d forgotten to write in  “Pedestrian Refuge” for one answer and we would have finished higher on the “leader board” but we did manage a place and now have a nice bottle of wine to enjoy. It was a lovely day out thanks to Kathy and Steve Speake.

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