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Our New Camper Trailer

After about 3 months camping with a tent in 2002 we decided to move up to a fancy camper-trailer with a ready-made bed, dry floor and fitted kitchen. Our Pioneer Argyle has followed us like a little puppy on our jaunts for the last 10 years but now we’ve sold it. Why? Because we don’t want to wait until it becomes a struggle to do things, far better to have a little more ease and comfort so we can continue to enjoy all the camping years ahead of us. We’ve ordered another Pioneer, this time a Mitchell with a bed that caters for dicey backs, space to set up a little table and chairs inside, more storage space and for the chef – a great kitchen. It’s still small enough that we can get it down our tricky driveway and manhandle it under shelter….. we hope!

It’s  8 weeks until we plan to start our Winter Migration and the build started this week, here’s how it looks so far:


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