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Birdsville – Saturday

Up before the flies again and walked down to the lagoon to see what bird life was about. Although the Corellas were screeching in trees across the water there weren’t many birds to be seen on our side. The view of the sun rising though was lovely.

Sunrise at Birdsville Billabong

We had breakfast at the bakery and it was very satisfying. The bakery is fitted out with lovely naturally stained wooden chairs and tables as well as some special gadget on the door to stop flies getting in. The walls were lined with old photos, some showing early vehicles crossing the desert.

The Birdsville Bakery


After breakfast we called in at the Hardware store for desperately needed dust cleaners, it’s not because we’re fastidious campers but the dust gets onto and into everything. Boxes under the bed are dusty and so are the AC air vents.

It was then time to see Big Red which marks the end of the Simpson Desert when travelling east. It’s considered a 4WD challenge to climb Big Red but we’re not softies, we walked up! The wind quickly drove the sand over our footprints. We watched one vehicle have three tries to get up the dune without success but the next two had no problems at all.


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The road out to Big Red is very wide and even has an overtaking section which was weird when we were the only ones on the road. When the Big Red Bash is on every year it would be an entirely different scenario. The Birdsville Caravan Park has a lot of extension work being done and that would be to cope with the influx of visitors for The Bash.

Laundry duties came next, the cold weather clothes are packed away now.

There is a geothermal plant in the town and waste water is available to wash down cars so we took advantage of it to get rid of some dust.

Alex intended to stay on bitumen roads until the car was dry, that didn’t happen, instead we went to look for the Burke & Wills Slash Tree. The road was closed and after walking for a while we couldn’t see any signs so gave up. Next stop was Pelican Point, no pelicans but a couple of Herons, a Plover , small ducks and some little birds too fast to photograph. After that it was time to find a few geocaches then back to camp to cool down.


Dinner at the Birdsville Pub. It really is a “man thing”, driving up Big Red then eating at the pub and talking about it.