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Broome 3

This afternoon we had a lovely time on the old Pearl Lugger, Intombi. We were told to bring bathers so we did and had a great time at the back of the boat clinging to a net. We had to go off the side of the boat either by jumping in or by lowering ourselves down a ladder then grab onto a knotted rope with buoys attached and pull ourselves back to the net. It was a nice calm day but there were still small waves to slap us in the face but we both enjoyed it.

They did the boom swimming first then the boat moved out further and we tracked up the coastline and back. We could see all the cars on Cable Beach and the lighthouse at Gantheaume Point. Getting to and from the Intombi was in a little boat, 8 people at a time. Coming back one woman nearly ended up in the water because she didn’t let go of her husband when he got in the boat first. I think she also got a bit of a soaking at the other end when we had to wade to the shore.

Dinner tonight was delicious pizza from the beachside café which is just metres down from the caravan park and run by a guy with long, white hair, probably an ex-surfer or hippy.

Tomorrow we’re going to the markets in the morning then at night we’re off to the “Sun Pictures” an open air theatre that’s been running for donkeys’ years and has old posters of Clark Gable etc NOT in original condition but certainly in their original frames etc. We’re going to see “Red Dog”, I have Alex prisoner, he can’t escape.

The Intombi, a restored pearl lugger.

Captain Cool

Boom net swimming - we both had a go but Alex was cameraman today.

Another sunset.