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Scarborough – Day 9

Our appointment with the tyre place was at 8:00 and we had to go with the commuter traffic to Strathpine so for me, an owl, it was an early start, not for the “fowl” it was business as usual. We managed to get to the place 15 mins early only to discover the supplier hadn’t delivered the tyres as promised. We went over to the Strathpine Shopping Centre and browsed for a few hours then went back to find out what was happening with the tyre delivery. At the nearby RSPCA we bought a couple of books then went back to the Shopping Centre where we sat on some comfy padded couches and read.

At 12:45 we went back again to the tyre place intending to get tyres in Townsville if nothing had happened. Our car was up on jacks with no wheels, luckily it wasn’t long before it had new tyres and we were out of there. The people were very nice and apologetic but it was still a frustrating experience.

We needed a walk in a nice environment so went to Humpybong Creek and walked along the section which has been beautified. Prior to the beautification it looked just the same as the Sturt Drain does now in Adelaide. Maybe one day that will look just as lovely and attract as much birdlife.

I’m glad we stayed here at Moreton Bay, we’ve enjoyed the lovely little beachside places but our car business is all finished here now. Tomorrow we head off to Bundaberg where we’ll be appreciating home comforts for a couple of days, compliments of a past colleague, my friend and sparring partner.

Scarborough – Day 8

Yeah! We fished out our warm weather clothes from under the bed because the forecast was for 24 deg.

South Bank was our destination for today and because we didn’t want to deal with traffic and car parking we decided to use public transport again. The bus we used to go into the city last time doesn’t run on the weekend so this time we had to get a bus to Sandgate and then the train. We left at 8:20 and arrived in Brisbane at 9:46 – the way back seemed much longer!

We walked from the station down to the river and over the Victoria Bridge to the South Bank. We meandered along until we came to the Sunday Market where we tasted a couple of things then continued past the City Beach, then under the arbor all the way to the Maritime Museum. The Museum is situated at the site of the old city Dry Dock. Alex went into the Museum and I went back and wandered through the market stalls.

Our legs were very tired as we made our way back to the station via the Friendship Bridge and Botanic Gardens. (20 070 steps today!)

Scarborough – Day 4

We survived another night with heavy rain showers and weren’t sure we’d be able to do much today but we’ve had a full day. We drove down to Woody Point to get a bus into Brisbane. There are two different bus companies operating here but one services only the Peninsula so we had to be careful to get the right bus. Alex had the bus info so I was happy to leave it to him. When the bus came the only double seats were at that back with the schoolkids heading into Brisbane on an excursion. They were very quiet and well behaved. The trip into Brisbane took about 45 mins and was far more relaxing than driving in.

First stop in Brisbane was a sandwich bar for our breakfast then we made our way to the river to get on a “City Cat”. I don’t think Alex will ever forget again that you don’t walk up a street to the river! We flashed our Go Cards and sat back for a nice long ride first downstream where there were some stunning buildings lining the river. I don’t think I’d like to live in a house perched on top of a cliff like many people were. There was an American warship (USS Blue Ridge – the old man of the fleet ed.) moored downstream and Police monitor it 24 hours a day. It looked ludicrous, the giant warship dwarfing two tiny Police Rubber Duckies.

The Cat did a loop back to our starting point but we stayed on and went upstream passing under a number of stunning bridges. Throughout the trip we changed from outdoors to indoors several times as rain came down or the cold became too unpleasant. Coming back I took note of the stop for South Bank Gardens and if we have time we’ll go back and spend some time there. They have an Epicurian Garden where you can taste edible plants and herbs.

Our boat ride finished just after 3 o’clock but we decided we’d head back to Redcliffe for hot drinks and baked stuff. It was a full on day and will be topped off with a visit to the Fish and Chippery which is down at the wharf. Maybe tomorrow the sunshine will be back again.