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Mt Gambier


Our jaunt was delayed by a day because the connection between the camper and car brakes wasn’t being managed properly by the brake controller. We tried to get it fixed but that wasn’t possible, it will be sorted next week so we’re in Mt Gambier without the camper.

We decided to drive to the coast road from Tailem Bend so turned off towards Meningie. There were a lot of caravans on the road but all going in the opposite direction so no hindrance to us. Alex was able to get some lunch from the grumpy folk in the Bakery while I picked up some fruit and Turkish Delight which just happened to be on special in Foodland.

Pelican sculpture, Meningie

Further down the road we went into the Salt Creek National Park where we juddered along the corrugations until Alex lowered the tyre pressures. A couple in a small “SUV” obviously weren’t enjoying the experience, they crawled along about 25 kph but even at that you can’t avoid the shuddering.


Salt Creek Conservation Park track

We checked out some possible Oystercatcher Campsites for a future expedition then took the track back to the main road.

Great campsites

Only a short distance along the road was a sign to “Chinaman’s Well” and I’m glad we investigated it.

After gold was discovered in Victoria people flocked from all over the world to seek their fortune. By the 1850s Chinese prospectors appeared to be more successful panning for gold than “the diggers” and this resulted in animosity. In 1855 the Victorian government imposed a 10 pound toll on Chinese immigrants so hundreds sailed to South Australia then traveled to Victoria. Although some were able to pay for transport most walked for five or six weeks, carrying all their belongings. Significant places are still visible on the original track.

Chinese cut the lid for the well using a pin, chain and chisel. This one broke when they tried to lift it so they had to start again.

The finished well which still has water in it.

The environment through which the prospectors had to walk.

Site of the Coach Stop and eating house on the original Adelaide to Melbourne road.

Wombats must be plentiful in the area because although we didn’t see any we saw plenty of their little poo blocks.

Poo blocks- how is it possible?

We decided to head straight for Mt Gambier after that enjoyable walk but I made the mistake of thinking we’d go through Robe. Unfortunately the whole way from Kingston to Robe there were roadworks, the worst sections had a 25 kph  and the fastest were 60 kph. It was about 5:30 when we reached our cabin at the Limestone Coast Tourist Park. Basic but clean and tidy.

When it was dark we went to the Umpherston Sinkhole where possums come out expecting treats. Luckily for us there were lots of grapes dropped on the ground so we were able to feed some. Very cute, especially the mothers and babies.

Brushtail Possum taking a grape.