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Flora River Nature Park

Lorrngorl Campground, 0n the Flora River Nature Park -Friday

Our nice secluded spot.

This is a great place to camp and a reminder about Green Ants ways. We left Nitmiluk and went into Katherine for essential shopping before heading west. On the list, shadecloth for “patio flooring” and zip glide as well as new supplies of kitchen roll. We have been told the quarantine inspectors are rigorous so have bought minimal amounts of fresh fruit and salad veg.

The Victoria Highway is all sealed so easy going and the dirt road into here was fine with few patches of corrugations. We set up camp and went to look at the Falls & just out of curiosity, the Boat Ramp. So glad we did, we’ve never seen one like it and have included photos. Djarrung Falls were impressive, not high but wide and the water fell from two different directions then converged into one river. I was nervous, there are signs everywhere telling you not to go to the water’s edge because of crocodiles yet the paths take you there. After the Djarrung  Falls we came back towards the camp and then down to the Kathleen Falls. Now, I’ve seen enough documentaries to recognise the nice thick, grassy places that crocs just love to make their nests and I was scared when the path went between two patches of very thick grasses, perfect nesting spots. We were looking side to side for signs of crocs and completely missed seeing the big Black Snake until it slithered up beside us then crossed the path behind us and disappeared into the grass. That relieved the tension a bit, Alex decided their warnings should be about snakes, not crocs! He certainly didn’t seem to be scared a croc would come and nab him but I was!

Djarrung Falls

Where the black snake crossed our path.

Alex launching.

Instructions for using the boat ramp.