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Temporary Tourist – Argincourt Reef

Thursday was the day to see some of the Great Barrier Reef. The trip was from Pt Douglas to Argincourt Reef.

Planned route


Quicksilver was chosen as the best match for our needs.

At the Quicksilver pontoon on Argincourt Reef.

View through semi-submersible windows.

Corals -recovering from a bleaching event in 2017.

Heading back to Pt Douglas

It was a great day on the reef.  One Crock enjoyed the ride back positioned at the bow, in the spray, only one knee was sunburnt but his “hair was a mess”!



Temporary Tourist – Kuranda

Kuranda is a little town in the highlands not far from Cairns.

It was the Kuranda Railway up, and up, and up…..

there were scenic views …


a market to visit and sculptures to enjoy in Kuranda…

a ride in a gondola all the way down!

Temporary Tourist – Off to Qld.

The Two Crocks flew to Cairns last Monday, hired a car and drove to Pt Douglas so they were real tourists!

After a good night’s sleep they organized tours for Wednesday and Thursday then had a decadent snack at the Bakery before setting off to Cape Tribulation in the Daintree Rainforest.

Called into Mossman Gorge on the way back to Pt Douglas.