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Deep Creek Conservation Park

Since the weather has cooled down nicely we decided to take a run to Deep Creek National Park in the new Prado. It’s only about 104 kms and the main road goes through Aldinga, Sellicks, Myponga, Yankalilla and Normanville. We stopped at Leonard’s Mill in Second Valley and having now seen the menu we feel we’ll be back again for a meal but today we took time for only hot drinks and a look around. The old building is absolutely fantastic.

After Second Valley it was only a short distance to the little town of Delamere which appears as just a Roadhouse beside the main road. We discovered later that we should have stopped there though.

When we entered Deep Creek Conservation Park signs told us we need a Park Pass but there was no Honesty Box so we figured we’d be able to get a pass somewhere further on. At the Cobbler Hill Campground the sign clearly stated there were on-the-spot fines if we didn’t have a Pass. You can buy them at the Delamere Roadhouse! I phoned the National Parks contact number on the sign but it went to a recorded message so then I tried the displayed web address but the page couldn’t be found. (You should be impressed that I even managed to do this on my phone 🙂 )

We decided to continue on without a permit but when we came to a pull-off on a high spot I tried again and was able to complete an online payment.

Just for fun we tried out 4WD (Low Range) and the car ambled its way along a rougher and steeper section of track. There were Wallabies or maybe Kangaroos with young in many places and they were unfazed by our presence.  Kangaroo Island seemed very, very close,  I’m surprised fitness nuts don’t consider swimming across it a “mini English Channel” challenge.

Blowhole Beach has amazing rocks but we didn’t see any blowhole, possibly it was the wrong tide time or we might have been looking in the wrong place.

Heading out of the Park I had to stop for a photo of Goondooloo Cottage, I don’t know its history but it would be an interesting place to rent for a while, I think.

Goondooloo Cottage

On the way home we stopped at Delamere for “lunch” …. Coeliacs should always be prepared….. and watched the passing parade. Once again I tried to get a decent photo of the MASSIVE, 18m tall statue of Buddha at Sellicks Beach but we still didn’t manage to find a good spot.  Building is still going on so there will be better opportunities in future.

Buddha at Nan Hai Pu Tuo Temple, Sellicks Beach