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Brown Hill Creek

In 1915 Brownhill Creek was proclaimed a “National Pleasure Resort”, these days that would probably mean luxurious suites available in fancy hotels, classy restaurants, spas and at least one heated swimming pool. Expectations were a little different in 1915 and it’s difficult to find a trace of what was on offer apart from the creek and views. Prior to European settlement in the 1840s it was an important gathering place for Kuarna people who named the place “Wirraparinga” which means, place of scrub and creek.

You can find detailed information in the brochure available from Mitcham Council Office or online via their site.

There are carparks at several spots along Brownhill Creek Rd. The park itself is 3.5 kms long and straddles the creek.


There are two marked trails along the creek, the Wirraparinga Trail and the Yurrabilla Trail in some places you need to cross the creek walking on flat rocks and near the far end of the valley, walk on the road.

Some amenities have been built but there are no toilets for walkers, those in the Caravan Park are for patrons only.

There are relics of the early days at various spots along the tracks.

There are many weeds in the Park but some add beauty.

Even some “natives” are probably introduced to the area.

Not many birds were close to the tracks.

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Archibald Park

I’ve never walked to this park before but to reach it I started at the old Blackwood Experimental Orchard.

Orchard Manager’s Office

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The track towards the forest is lined by old fruit trees.

At the eastern end of the forest is a road.

Don’t forget to stop on the way to smell the Roses at the site of the Orchard Manager’s home which was unfortunately destroyed by fire in 2008.

Coromandel Valley Creek Walk

We started our walk opposite the Blackwood Experimental Orchard where Minno Creek passes under a bridge on Main Road.

The track continues on to Blackwood Experimental Orchard and Blackwood Forest across the road.

Most paths are sealed but some sections need extra care.

As well as native plants there are many introduced species.

In 1837 a ship called the “Coromandel” sailed into Port Adelaide, apparently 10 crew members deserted the ship and eventually found their way to this place, naming it, “Coromandel Valley”. Some old structures remain in the area and you can see them as well as some new ones as you walk along the path.