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Perfect Public Holiday

With ideal weather the beach seemed a great place to be on the Adelaide Cup Day holiday …seems like everyone agreed which meant the closest beaches were very busy so we went to South Noarlunga. It was magic.

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You could walk straight down the steps into a playground.

You could build sandcastles on an island, boogie board, paddle, surf or simply walk on the sand.

Further south along the beach are rocky sections of different types.

We heard the Shark Spotter plane coming south, it circled several times over an area where a surfer was trying to catch a little wave.

It was difficult to tell what section of beach we were on but I think it was Seaford.

Reminds me of The Breakaways out of Coober Pedy.

Another reminder of the gorgeous places we can see close to home.


Torrens Linear Park – Section 2

Only a serious walker would do the 30 kms of Linear Park in one go so I’m dividing it up, Section 1 was “The Breakout” and this next section starts where that finished.

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There are a variety of tracks along the northern side of the river.

I grew up in this area but it looks very different since remediation work has been carried out.

There are plenty of places to simply stop and savour the environment.

Native trees have replaced the Willows which are invasive and their roots erode riverbanks.

The bridge at Findon Rd was our turning point.

On the southern side of the river the path is closer to houses and it’s clear that there has been considerable redevelopment over the last 35 years.

For more information on Fulham Park Stud check here.

Being a walk beside water there have to be birds.

We crossed the river using the big stones rather than trying to negotiate the trucks on the bridge then took the path with the mosaics back to the car.