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Nitmiluk – Saturday

At the risk of making South Australians a little jealous, I have to say last night was far too hot for a quilt so it’s now been put away for a few weeks.

We went into Katherine for some shopping and it took far longer than we expected. There were a few surprises eg walking into the shop with the big roof top advertisement, “Home Timber and Hardware” only to find it was a Pool Supply shop. At the Information Centre we bought passes for Kakadu and Alex picked up a brochure or two. It’s a long weekend so we’ll stay here until Tuesday to avoid the extra, extra traffic on the roads.

Last night we had a lovely surprise when a Kookaburra flew into the Camp Kitchen, it was catching bugs drawn to the lights. This morning there was also a Kookaburra in front of our camper, just chillin’.

Coming back from a walk down to the river we saw a frantic bird darting about in the leaf litter. When we were able to focus on it we saw it was a Bower Bird at its bower. As we watched, it collected stones and a big round seed to impress its potential mate, a bright pink patch also appeared on its head. I consider it a special once in a lifetime, “David Attenborough moment”.

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When we arrived back from our walk we were so hot we had to go for a swim in the “refreshing” pool. It calls for a deep breath and plunge in to overcome the thermal shock.

When we were here 16 years ago we hired a canoe ( a LEAKY canoe) and paddled up the gorge, disparaging of the people who opted to sit in a boat and be squired up instead. Tomorrow we’re going on a boat trip up the three gorges!

Nitmiluk 2

Went for a lovely walk along the Buruwei Loop. . (Agile Wallaby has just come to visit & left us a puddle!)

Great walk, only needed a few stops.

Very interesting rock formations.

View from the top, Nitmiluk or Katherine Gorge

Saw these lovely patterns beside the track. Any ideas?

Aboriginal Art?

Maybe a Speckled Drongo

OK those of you with bird books tell me what it really is. It jumps along and has a raucous voice, very cheeky.

We’re heading towards Kununurra tomorrow and plan to stay in a few more remote campsites on our way so there might not be any updates for a few days.


The day started early, shock of shocks,  I was wide awake at 6:00 so we decided to walk to  Bitter Springs  thermal pool which is a creek where we were. It wasn’t quite light until we arrived and it was very relaxing being the only people there. Floating was a cinch, I guess because of the minerals in the water and it was a therapeutic 33 deg. We saw a tiny Kingfisher diving for its breakfast and the perfectly clear water made his task easy, that, and the congregation of tiny fish near the water’s edge.

The pool wasn’t the same when other people started to arrive so we left for Katherine about 9:30. After seeing the look of panic on our neighbour’s face when we told him we hadn’t booked anywhere we decided we should go straight to a campsite but we needn’t have bothered, there were plenty of places but none of them with any elbow room. We couldn’t put the annexe up properly because there was no room for the guy ropes but having some annexe made us more comfortable and helped cool down the camper.

I bought pants and Alex managed to find some sandals, 33 deg is lovely when it’s the water temp and the morning is cool but when the air temp reaches that point I’m feeling overheated. We haven’t had the gradual build up we normally do. The pool we were both eyeing off was shut today because of filtration problems and won’t be operational tomorrow either. Damn!

Fruit Bats, I think, one of MANY!

Agile Wallaby humbugging.