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Camping Rigs

We saw the full range of camping rigs when we were away, the biggest was a caravan being used by a member of Infamous Cabaret Circus, I think. The show was in Darwin when we were there, later we saw the rig on the road.

Fifth Wheelers are also BIG, they comprise a ute with a fitting in the tray that connects to a long caravan.

There are some very big Motorhomes, some have expandable sides so that when they’re set up the “room” inside expands. Unimogs are big and so are other similar setups. Buses come in a range of sizes.

Many of the caravans we saw I would have considered big until I saw those gigantic ones. The caravan in this set is like our family caravan of the 1950s and I’m one of five children! Maybe the “big boys” slept outside.

A lot of clever ideas have gone into designing compact campers, we have a kitchen with sink, burners, draining board and storage all on the outside of ours.

No matter what size the camper, caravan, campervan or bus is, “stuff” will fill the space.

People with the smallest “accommodation” must be a lot better than we are at prioritising their needs.

The Trip

With the announcement that the Govt. is going to reinstate the 44.2c a litre fuel excise I’m relieved that we’ve had our big trip prior to that happening. In some places the price was already nearly $3 a litre and that was with 50% off the excise. We did 11,600 kms so used quite a lot of fuel!

Day 54 Alice Springs to Marla

I was wrong about it being a doddle today, we travelled 454 kms sitting down all the way! I’m going to check out seat and back cushions when I get back home!

The countryside varied, some areas were hilly and rocky, others very flat and the vegetation ranged from dry grasses to dense shrubby trees. Although we didn’t see any water today, in the past we have seen water covering vast areas of the flat terrain.

Most of the traffic seemed to be travelling south including several vehicles carrying BMX bikes. Coming north were a few flash cars being transported to Alice for the Summernats event on the weekend and one was even pulling a caravan.

Our first stop was in a Truck Rest Stop, it’s the first time we’ve been forced to do that but we’d driven on and on hoping for a Rest Stop but it was one Truck Stop after another. A caravan pulled in a few minutes after us then, of course, a road train came in, luckily we were ready to move on by then.

We stopped at Kulgera for a snack and drink. The last time we were there the place was buzzing, some people were stopping then carrying on trying to beat the SA Border closure because of Covid. The Caravan Park has only about six powered sites which were taken and people were camped out in No-man’s Land far away from the amenities. There was constant demand at the fuel pumps because Marla, the next place south, had no diesel. Today was a very different story, there were only about three campers in the whole place.

We stopped at the border for the necessary photo, I think it’s time some maintenance was done on the artwork, “Welcome to South Australia” side. The Sturt Desert Peas are looking less than vibrant.

We noticed some signs indicating that “Emergency phones” were available at certain spots along the road. I think it would be a miracle to find yourself in just the right spot when you needed it.

We arrived at Marla about 3 o’clock and like Kulgera it was very, very quiet compared with last year when police were manning a Covid checkpoint here. There isn’t a lot to see but we walked around the place and were surprised to see an oval with lush green grass. A man was exercising his dog there and Fergus was able to join in. The man was a “local” as far as we were concerned because he’s lived here for 10 years and we were able to ask him about the school etc. It looks well maintained but he told us there hasn’t been a functioning school in Marla since he’s been here, the building is used by various community and government groups.

Tomorrow we plan to go down the Stuart Highway then turn off to Arckaringa Station which is not far from the Painted Desert. We might stay a couple of nights at the Station.