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Camping Rigs

We saw the full range of camping rigs when we were away, the biggest was a caravan being used by a member of Infamous Cabaret Circus, I think. The show was in Darwin when we were there, later we saw the rig on the road.

Fifth Wheelers are also BIG, they comprise a ute with a fitting in the tray that connects to a long caravan.

There are some very big Motorhomes, some have expandable sides so that when they’re set up the “room” inside expands. Unimogs are big and so are other similar setups. Buses come in a range of sizes.

Many of the caravans we saw I would have considered big until I saw those gigantic ones. The caravan in this set is like our family caravan of the 1950s and I’m one of five children! Maybe the “big boys” slept outside.

A lot of clever ideas have gone into designing compact campers, we have a kitchen with sink, burners, draining board and storage all on the outside of ours.

No matter what size the camper, caravan, campervan or bus is, “stuff” will fill the space.

People with the smallest “accommodation” must be a lot better than we are at prioritising their needs.

The Trip

With the announcement that the Govt. is going to reinstate the 44.2c a litre fuel excise I’m relieved that we’ve had our big trip prior to that happening. In some places the price was already nearly $3 a litre and that was with 50% off the excise. We did 11,600 kms so used quite a lot of fuel!

Day 60 Wilmington to Adelaide

I went for a walk in the bush area which is part of the Caravan Park and met a lady who was also at the Alice Springs CP. Their campervan had come into the park on a transporter but her husband managed to fix the problem and they are on their way back home to Victoria.

It was only 6 deg. when we left Wilmington and 23 kms on we came to the tiny town of Willowie. I’m sure one of the residents works on a farm because he came home in his ute while we were there, I didn’t see anything in the town that would employ people.

Before driving through Orroroo we stopped at the Big Gum Tree, it really is massive.

Jamestown is the birthplace of R M Williams and there is recognition of that in a small display hut.

At Jamestown we not only got a nice hot drink but also entertainment from some locals. I think a coffee at the IGA/Cafe is probably a Sunday morning ritual. There were two men sitting at tables outside when we arrived, they greeted us then continued their conversation.

Alex was in the shop when a third man arrived. He shuffled along in his baggy tracksuit and thongs and was greeted by the first two. After some minutes the chat went something like this:

Someone busted me fence. Know anyone who will fix it?

What about Joe Blow?

Can’t do it, he’s too busy.

Joe Blogs could do it after October.

No, he’ll be organizing his party then.

Fred Nerk?

Not having him! Coward punched me at the pub!


After Christmas. Them shearers were in, had an Esky full o’ beers an’ they were drinkin’ them, not buying from the pub. Sneaky bastards. I didn’t do anythin’. ‘e came at me from behind, got me like one o’ them sheep down on the floor. Punched me. Had ‘is arm across me neck then I seen his thumb an’ I chomped it hard. You could hear the crunch!

That wouldn’t tickle!

Another person arrived and greeted the men with, “G’day Mad Arabs!” but we had to move on.

Apart from the brilliant yellow Canola which is flowering at the moment and the lush green crops, chimneys catch my eye. They are the strongest parts of old stone houses so when walls fall down and only ruins are left the chimney is often the one part left standing. They’re like beacons pointing out where pioneers struggled to make a living.

The Morgan to Whyalla pipeline also snakes along beside the road in parts. It seems that where the original pipeline has deteriorated a new section has been built beside it.

As we approached Saddleworth we could see cars lining the road and lots of people, it was Market Day. We didn’t stop but now know it’s held on the first Sunday of each month and is the biggest country market in South Australia with about 150 stalls.

We stopped at the Tarlee Bakery about midday but there was no bread left so we decided there’d be no more stops until we got home. The rush of traffic when we were on the Northern Expressway made me wish we were back out in the country but home is quiet, we have space, space, space and there were dozens of tasty Sugar Snap Peas just waiting for me to eat them.

Now, where is the remote for the Camper Mover????