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Porepunkah 2

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We went into Bright this morning to get a European Wasp trap, the wasps are impacting on our enjoyment at our campsites. It’s hard to understand how they’re accepted as a natural pest, apparently the council will come and remove the nest if you find one. We’ve seen traps in some places but they haven’t had any bait in them.

When we came back to Porepunkah we walked along the riverside path to the pub and I was ready for a drink when we got there. Before we’d even looked at the Pub Menu I’d decided I really wanted some Nachos. They weren’t available at the pub nor one cafe but at the Rail Trail Cafe I was lucky, The “children’s menu” size was perfect for both of us and the Nachos and Salsa were delicious. At this time of year there are plenty of cyclists about and there are some very good cycle lanes.

We needed to go back into Bright again and while we were there heavy rain fell and I was worried about it coming in through the skylight I’d left open so we came straight back. It was all fine until I shut the skylight when some water fell onto the bed. We’ll have to remember to shut the skylight when we’re leaving the site even if it is hot. Back at camp we enjoyed sitting under the annexe, listening to thunder and watching the birds.

By late afternoon the rain seemed to have passed so we went for a walk across the suspension bridge and into the area where Chinese gold miners worked.