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Ravenshoe – Tuesday

Today we decided to check out Atherton, it’s a much bigger town than Ravenshoe. Sections of the drive into Atherton required 100% concentration as the road was twisting and steep with some very narrow bridges. Our first task was to find an Optician because a lens had popped out of Alex’ glasses, luckily he hadn’t lost the tiny screw because it was different from the normal fixing. The girl was lovely and fixed them for no charge.

We had breakfast then went to “Crystal Caves” a shop which has wonderful rocks and gems. I had wanted to go to Mt Hay to look for thunder eggs but we didn’t get there so I decided to take a chance on some they had in baskets. For a fee we could choose one and crack it open, if there was nothing inside we could choose again. It was difficult deciding which one to choose from the 100 or so in the basket but it was great fun cracking it then seeing what had formed millions of years ago.

After we left Atherton we went to Hastie’s Swamp to find a geoacahe, it was an excellent setting with a bird hide. The only birds we saw up close were a Night Heron half obscured by leaves and a lovely little Kingfisher which dived several times for fish.

Back to camp and the mundane task of laundry.

Some of the volunteers here were working on the engine boiler today and hope to fire it up tomorrow. Apparently it takes about 4 hours of fire before enough steam has been generated to run the engine. We won’t see it because we’re moving on towards Chartres Towers.

Ravenshoe – Monday

Our breakfast this morning was a fruit pie from the Bakery but they were so big and filled with so much fruit neither of us could eat more than half. We took the rest with us when we set off on the Waterfall Circuit and although you would expect that after one or two they’d all look alike they were actually all very different.

We stopped at Millaa Millaa which was an interesting place and learnt about a very interesting “frontiersman” called, Christie Palmerston. When you see the density of the forest it’s just mind blowing that anyone could make their way through it but he and an Aboriginal boy cut their way through from Herberton to Innisfail. The highway from Innisfail to Millaa Millaa basically follows the original track they blazed down to the ocean. We also used some of the tracks they made when we went on the Manu Rainforest Walk.

The Rainforest Walk included long elevated walks through the canopy and a tower with 98 steps up it! The view from the top was wonderful and the walk back down much easier for me.

We treated ourselves to a meal at the Highest Hotel in Queensland, the room was all decked out ready for a Melbourne Cup lunch tomorrow. The actual Melbourne Cup is being taken to a few different places around the town as part of the lead up to the race. I guess towns request it.

We’ve decided to stay another night here so we can get some laundry done tomorrow before we turn south.