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Scarborough – Day 9

Our appointment with the tyre place was at 8:00 and we had to go with the commuter traffic to Strathpine so for me, an owl, it was an early start, not for the “fowl” it was business as usual. We managed to get to the place 15 mins early only to discover the supplier hadn’t delivered the tyres as promised. We went over to the Strathpine Shopping Centre and browsed for a few hours then went back to find out what was happening with the tyre delivery. At the nearby RSPCA we bought a couple of books then went back to the Shopping Centre where we sat on some comfy padded couches and read.

At 12:45 we went back again to the tyre place intending to get tyres in Townsville if nothing had happened. Our car was up on jacks with no wheels, luckily it wasn’t long before it had new tyres and we were out of there. The people were very nice and apologetic but it was still a frustrating experience.

We needed a walk in a nice environment so went to Humpybong Creek and walked along the section which has been beautified. Prior to the beautification it looked just the same as the Sturt Drain does now in Adelaide. Maybe one day that will look just as lovely and attract as much birdlife.

I’m glad we stayed here at Moreton Bay, we’ve enjoyed the lovely little beachside places but our car business is all finished here now. Tomorrow we head off to Bundaberg where we’ll be appreciating home comforts for a couple of days, compliments of a past colleague, my friend and sparring partner.

Scarborough – Day 8

Yeah! We fished out our warm weather clothes from under the bed because the forecast was for 24 deg.

South Bank was our destination for today and because we didn’t want to deal with traffic and car parking we decided to use public transport again. The bus we used to go into the city last time doesn’t run on the weekend so this time we had to get a bus to Sandgate and then the train. We left at 8:20 and arrived in Brisbane at 9:46 – the way back seemed much longer!

We walked from the station down to the river and over the Victoria Bridge to the South Bank. We meandered along until we came to the Sunday Market where we tasted a couple of things then continued past the City Beach, then under the arbor all the way to the Maritime Museum. The Museum is situated at the site of the old city Dry Dock. Alex went into the Museum and I went back and wandered through the market stalls.

Our legs were very tired as we made our way back to the station via the Friendship Bridge and Botanic Gardens. (20 070 steps today!)

Scarborough – Day 7

Today we decided to give the new suspension a try out on some dirt tracks so we went to Mt Mee and D’Aguilar National Park. We found that our little leaflet maps weren’t very helpful beyond The Gantry which is on the site of an old sawmill. Massive Beech trees were processed there. A vintage car club was heaving an outing there and looked very civilized having their morning tea on the grass. We walked to the Bull Falls which were just a trickle but the environment was lovely. Some big Staghorns were growing high up on trees and the atmosphere was all rainforest. Lots of different lichens were growing on rocks as well as on the trees. We could hear Whip Birds but didn’t spot any and the little birds flitted about so quickly we had no chance of getting a good look at them.

After the walk we decided to drive along the Escarpment Track which seemed to be a loop and rated “green” so just an easy dirt track but it deteriorated after a while and one section had deep ruts on a steep slope. It wasn’t scary but would have been if we hadn’t had similar experiences with the Jeep Club. The environment was quite different in that area, big Gum Trees and no thick understory.

We eventually came to a junction and took a punt on a track which seemed to be running back towards our starting point but after a while decided it was foolish to continue. We had no idea what the track was like ahead and no idea where we would end up so we returned to the junction. Two cars were there and the drivers were trying to decide which way to go, luckily one driver knew the area and told us if we’d continued on the other track we would have come to a locked gate blocking our way. We decided to go back the way we’d come which meant we didn’t manage a loop but did make it out of the park without any stress. The work done on the car seems well worthwhile, the ride is much smoother.

Our first thought when we left the park was to find somewhere for brunch but that didn’t happen. When we passed through Caboolture, The Show was on so there would have been all kinds of food available but the crowds weren’t appealing and we came straight “home”. I was really looking forward to Pancakes with all the trimmings but we were too late, that was on the breakfast menu which didn’t extend to 3:30 so we settled for toasted sandwiches. The Sea Salt and Vine Cafe was buzzing, I guess places along Moreton Bay make a nice day out for people from Brisbane.