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Scarborough – Day 6

Staying In Scarborough has been great, the roads aren’t manic and we’ve become quite familiar with the string of suburbs along the peninsula but I’m looking forward to moving away from a city. Today we were back on very busy roads on our way to get the Jeep and return the hire car. It’s definitely nice to have the Jeep back and it now has better suspension (apparently it’s important to say, Bilstein shockers) and a sturdy bulbar. I won’t go in to any of the other little tweeks but Alex is delighted with them.

We finally got around to investigating the wreck of the Guyundah and enjoyed a lovely walk through the arboretum which lines the shore. There were impressive Pandanas, Sheoaks and spreading big leaved trees which make us feel we have moved much closer to the tropics. On our way back from the Guyundah we stopped at the Redcliffe beach to get a photo of the weird and wonderful sculpture there. A plaque beside it explains a very fanciful “history” of the piece. When you wind the handle a hologram of a dragon appears inside the bulbous part. It was very cleverly made by Russell Anderson.

Down near Scarborough beach there is a massive Moreton Bay Fig Tree which is lit at night and Flying Foxes occasionally flap madly out of it.

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Scarborough – Day 5

Heavy rain again last night but a nice sunny day and tomorrow is going to be warmer so we’re finally feeling we’ve moved to a warmer climate.

We planned a quiet day doing laundry and organizing things which we did manage but also had a few nice walks. (Apparently 17875 steps, guess who’s counting?) A beach raker was on the go early, we could hear it beeping each time it reversed and it was interesting to watch once we were up and fed.

The marina also provides entertainment. We watched a prawn trawler come in and I hoped to see the catch unloaded but the skipper was very diligent in doing maintenance and we ran out of patience waiting.

In the afternoon we enjoyed watching the dredger at work then came back to camp before going out on a Pizza search. We sat and ate our pizza by Moreton Bay watching the lights of little boats as they came in for the night. It was a nice relaxing day. Tomorrow morning we’ll pick up the Jeep and maybe check out the wetlands at Lake Eden.

Scarborough – Day 4

We survived another night with heavy rain showers and weren’t sure we’d be able to do much today but we’ve had a full day. We drove down to Woody Point to get a bus into Brisbane. There are two different bus companies operating here but one services only the Peninsula so we had to be careful to get the right bus. Alex had the bus info so I was happy to leave it to him. When the bus came the only double seats were at that back with the schoolkids heading into Brisbane on an excursion. They were very quiet and well behaved. The trip into Brisbane took about 45 mins and was far more relaxing than driving in.

First stop in Brisbane was a sandwich bar for our breakfast then we made our way to the river to get on a “City Cat”. I don’t think Alex will ever forget again that you don’t walk up a street to the river! We flashed our Go Cards and sat back for a nice long ride first downstream where there were some stunning buildings lining the river. I don’t think I’d like to live in a house perched on top of a cliff like many people were. There was an American warship (USS Blue Ridge – the old man of the fleet ed.) moored downstream and Police monitor it 24 hours a day. It looked ludicrous, the giant warship dwarfing two tiny Police Rubber Duckies.

The Cat did a loop back to our starting point but we stayed on and went upstream passing under a number of stunning bridges. Throughout the trip we changed from outdoors to indoors several times as rain came down or the cold became too unpleasant. Coming back I took note of the stop for South Bank Gardens and if we have time we’ll go back and spend some time there. They have an Epicurian Garden where you can taste edible plants and herbs.

Our boat ride finished just after 3 o’clock but we decided we’d head back to Redcliffe for hot drinks and baked stuff. It was a full on day and will be topped off with a visit to the Fish and Chippery which is down at the wharf. Maybe tomorrow the sunshine will be back again.