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Walk to Wineglass Bay

The Geriatric Geezer thought it would be a lovely idea to walk over the pass in The Hazards to Wineglass Bay. I had serious reservations because I could see where it must go and that was UP a very rocky range. I’m not good at climbing up and had visions of collapsing somewhere that required rescue services to get me out. Against my better judgement I went and I did survive though my legs are still in shock.

When we arrived at the carpark, ready to start our walk, a Wallaby with joey came right up to us and was looking for food, there was no hint of nerves at all. Others came to join her including a joey that fed from its mother while she stood and waited for some tasty titbit. They posed beautifully but got no reward .

The way the tracks have been made is great with local rocks and boulders being used to make culverts and seats as well as steps. In some places signature pieces of large gears have been set in amongst the stones. The tracks were made by John (Snapper) Hughes who apparently also worked on Larapinta Walks in Alice Springs.

We started out wearing jackets because the wind was cold but it wasn’t long before first the jacket came off then the jumper. We climbed up to the Wineglass Bay Lookout then began the trek down to the beach. We ate lunch sitting on rocks overlooking the bay and out to the hills beyond then the trek back began. I set myself little targets eg 50 steps then a stop and after each stop extended my target until finally we reached the track to the Lookout. What a relief from then on I knew we’d be going down, now it was time for the Geriatric Geezer to suffer since his knees hurt when he’s walking downhill. Back at the campsite we enjoyed a lovely cold cider.

These campsites are so popular that over the Christmas and Easter holidays you have to put in an application then in August a lottery is drawn, if you’re lucky to win a place you can stay for up to 10 days. I think it’s just this section which has 19 powered sites & an amenities block with 2 hot showers, 4 mins for $2. There are other little enclaves for people not towing anything. There are heaps of motorhomes and campervans about mostly driven by French and Germans. There are even more Japanese, often in groups using people movers and staying in accommodation.

A gentle walk along the beach put us in the mood for dinner.



Huonville to Robinson’s Beach

This morning I was awake at 5:15, that is just not right! It did mean however that we were at the place that had Internet available just after 8:00 with the camper already packed and ready to go. After sending off a batch of posts we bought supplies, went back for the camper and left Huonville.

Between the cyborg and Alex the drive through Hobart wasn’t bad but it is a bit disconcerting when the cyborg suddenly just drops out and reverts to the “welcome” screen because it’s decided to change from country to city mode. As we left the city I commented that most people won’t believe we were so close to Hobart yet didn’t visit MONA nor Port Arthur but we preferred the tranquillity and beauty of the rainforest areas.

On our way up the east coast we stopped for a break at a cafe in Orford which was covered in sporting memorabilia including a Michael Jordan T shirt, life sized model of a horse given to some racing identity, heaps of Dawn Fraser stuff, Commemorative flags from US Open wins by Tiger Woods and Geoff Ogilvy. So much stuff and we don’t know why.

I enjoyed watching a man taking multiple photos of his wife and himself using a camera on a pole then using an ipad. Changed days, 10 years ago he would have had an SLR with tripod and self timer.

Tonight we have a campsite in the Freycinet National Park and as soon as we arrived and started setting up we were visited by Wrens. They are so cheeky a female even checked out my left over pasta when it was sitting on the table. A Grey Shrike Thrush also came to visit which was lovely. One came to visit us when we were sitting on a rock on the floor of King’s Canyon.

We’ve had a walk along the beach, found a live Conefish and a very dead Stingray. We also saw ducks feeding in the water, I thought ducks only ate things in fresh water but they were dabbling away and obviously getting a good feed of something.



Stresses and Strains

Well I think for the moment we’re up to date but I have to admit it’s been quite stressful not having access to the Internet, it’s also much better when I can write something and publish it just after it’s happened. I’m struggling to match photos and text after 3 whole days!!!!!! Next time we go off on a jaunt I’ll definitely take an internet dongle.