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“The Breakout”

“The Breakout” is where Adelaide’s River Torrens empties into the sea, it was completed in 1937 to alleviate flooding where the Torrens naturally ended in swamp land. A linear park runs the length of the Torrens from Athelstone in the hills to Henley Beach South/West Beach.

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In the 1950s I used to ride my bike to an area near “The Breakout” at Henley Beach South in the hope of cadging a ride on one of the horses. The horses were agisted along the river and on weekends they were caught by their owners, groomed etc and ridden. The area is very different now with fewer horses and those are now limited to fenced off areas.

Extensive planting of trees, shrubs and grasses has completely changed the look of the river banks creating a variety of environments.

I walked as far as Henley Beach Rd before turning back then crossing to the West Beach side.

A variety of birds have made their homes along the Linear Park.

Back to the outlet, across the bridge and my walk was finished.

From the West Beach side, water flowing out to sea