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Victor Harbor area

It was such a lovely, sunny day we decided to head south to Victor Harbor, about an hour from home. Because of Covid19 restrictions the Whale Watch Centre wasn’t posting updates of sightings which was disappointing.

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Our first stop was at Horseshoe Bay.

Next stop, Basham’s Beach


Victor Harbor for a lovely lunch at a pub. The Seagulls took any opportunity to grab a snack if plates were left unattended.

The Bluff


Petrel Cove, I’ve never been here before and I loved it though I wouldn’t want to be here on a hot Summer’s day, the water would be too tempting and the rips are deadly!

The variety of rocks in one place fascinated me.

It would be easy to spend a day walking around the various tracks at any one of these lovely places.

Watiparinga Reserve

In the previous post one track led to Watiparinga Reserve which came to a sudden stop at a railway embankment, this next walk started across the railway line.

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Tracks go in all directions.

At a high spot there’s always a good reason to take a breather. The views.

Only a couple of bird photos this time.


One area looked like it was completely covered in wild flowers.

Shepherds Hill Recreation Park 2

Shepherds Hill Recreation Park covers 77 hectares or nearly 200 acres. William John Shepherd originally farmed the land from 1853 to 1864 and there are still some signs of early settlement. This is the entrance from Ellis Avenue but there is another entrance with a Carpark off Ayliffe’s Road.

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There are plenty of different tracks to choose from, some are designed for Mountain Bikers others are shared walking/riding tracks as well as larger Fire Tracks.

Grey Box Trees are native to the area but there are a variety of trees and plants.

Apart from Mountain Bikers, bird watchers and walkers the park also provides a venue for the Pony Club and The Eden Field Archers.


If you’re in an environment like this you can’t ignore the wildlife.


When you’ve made your way to the top of the hill you get a 360 deg view.

View from Maggie’s seat, Adelaide CBD is in the background about 10 kms away


If you’re interested in seeing more of nature in SA you can find some on another blog here.