Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Tripping to Renmark

Waking up this morning was lovely, seeing the sun rise over the river and that was when we were still lying in bed. There is one issue with that though, if we can see out in the morning then at night people can see in. I’m going to do a spot check tonight to see just how visible we are when we’re inside. The windows are tinted and there are bug screens but there are no curtains.

As we drove out of Blanchetown we spotted a Take Away shop so think maybe there could be more to the town than we saw.

I drove back and forth between Adelaide and Berri many times when I was working there but my only visit to Waikerie was just as far as the Service Station on the main highway and that was to phone Dad because the car had broken down again. Today we called in and were surprised at the size of the town. We went looking for a cafe and there were about four in the main street but fried food seemed to be top of the menu, I thought one was selling “Pork Giblets” until I did a second take and saw it was “Pork Riblets” either way I didn’t want any. We had Devonshire Tea then headed off again for Renmark.

I was driving today and was very relieved when we finished the day with the gearbox apparently still in working order.

For those who might be wondering, it’s clear that although we haven’t been on the road for quite a while Alex’ membership of the Old Codgers Club is still current and members have been delighted to engage him in conversation.

This afternoon we walked into the town centre to the Telstra shop because I had a problem with our WiFi station. I don’t know how many steps are logged on Alex’s Fitbit and I can’t ask him because he’s now sleeping off the effects! It was a lot further than the 4kms round trip the lady at the Caravan Park told us.

Tonight the Caravan Park is again right beside the river and the Pelicans are nicely aloof. I think people are getting the message that feeding the wildlife makes some of them aggressive and belligerent Pelicans are not nice to meet.

Tomorrow we move on to Mildura.


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