Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Dingwall & Strathpeffer

Today we discovered that we really had left “the folder” which contained our Car Hire agreement, insurance papers etc at home. About a week before we left I deliberately put it in my case so we wouldn’t forget it but it must have been taken out to check something and not put back. The car hire papers stated that they had to be produced to verify our Internet booking, also required was some official document showing our name and address. We went to the Car Hire company not expecting to collect a car but I guess they’d seen our type before and they were very helpful. Hopefully one of “the kids” will fax the info when they’ve managed to find the absconding folder. Not only did we get the car but we’d been upgraded, I think the photos will tell you how Alex felt about that. The car is so nice to drive that we decided to take a run to Dingwall and then it was still so nice we went to Strathpeffer. The only irritating thing about it is whenever you brake and stop for any length of time the engine is switched off, taking your foot off the brake restarts it. Maybe we’ll find out how to override that economy feature, regardless it will still be fun to drive.

When we were in Strathpeffer we walked to the, ”Eagle Stone” a relic from the 7th Century. The town has a collection of amazing Victorian era buildings, people came to take advantage of the natural spas. I can’t imagine anyone enjoying the waters in today’s weather. COLD!

Comments on: "Dingwall & Strathpeffer" (2)

  1. sneaky kit said:

    What is the Car a Mercedes or a Landrover !!!!!!! I hate it when you think all is packed and then you stuff up. Are you staying in the Hotel?

    • Car is a BMW X3M sport, as you can imagine Alex was tcikled pink when he saw how we’d been upgraded. We’re being spoilt at Lena & Mark’s home.

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