Some places we've been and some places we're going.


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While “the ladies”, carrying breakfast in various forms, converged on a single cabin, we started packing up. We had already booked a nice spacious site at Porepunkah. On the way we became part of a Vintage Car convoy but still managed to get there by about 11:00. As usual it took a while to set up the annexe so it was afternoon before we set off for Mt Buffalo.

As expected there were lots of twists and turns in the road with some radical switch backs. Some cyclists were labouring their way up. Our first stop was at the Mt Buffalo chalet and from nearby we could see Hangliders and people preparing to do some abseiling.

We continued to Dingo Dell where there was a large shelter and a cafe, the manager told us how the area had changed over the last 20 years with snow becoming less and less predictable. For many people it’s now more economical and satisfying the fly to Japan for a week instead of going to Falls Creek or Mt Hotham, especially for people from SA or WA.

Our neighbour had recommended that we climb, “The Horn” a projection of solid granite, so we accepted the challenge, it’s about a 1 km “walk” up to the summit from the carpark. I enjoyed seeing some young ones come puffing up the steps as we came back down.

Coming back from “The Horn” we called into the abandoned Cresta Valley Ski field. Like Dingo Dell this is now a free snowplay area, it looks ideal for toboggans.

There were very large expanses of dead trees and I would like to know what killed them. Alex thinks the bad fire that came through in 2007 but I’m not convinced. On our way back down the scary road we met three nincompoops racing up the hills, two in their flash Audis and the other in a VW. I just hoped they didn’t meet any cyclists!

Acres of dead trees in amongst the living.

Back at camp there were lots of birds in the trees but they were so intent on squabbling and fighting that it was difficult to get good shots.

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