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Scarborough – Day 8

Yeah! We fished out our warm weather clothes from under the bed because the forecast was for 24 deg.

South Bank was our destination for today and because we didn’t want to deal with traffic and car parking we decided to use public transport again. The bus we used to go into the city last time doesn’t run on the weekend so this time we had to get a bus to Sandgate and then the train. We left at 8:20 and arrived in Brisbane at 9:46 – the way back seemed much longer!

We walked from the station down to the river and over the Victoria Bridge to the South Bank. We meandered along until we came to the Sunday Market where we tasted a couple of things then continued past the City Beach, then under the arbor all the way to the Maritime Museum. The Museum is situated at the site of the old city Dry Dock. Alex went into the Museum and I went back and wandered through the market stalls.

Our legs were very tired as we made our way back to the station via the Friendship Bridge and Botanic Gardens. (20 070 steps today!)

Comments on: "Scarborough – Day 8" (2)

  1. kit Deland said:

    Look forward to your comments of your day and the photos for the day. The potato looks yummy. Just as well you are doing all the walking. Christie was in Brisbane yesterday waiting for plane to Adelaide and she went to something like Harbour town for a couple of hours.

    • We haven’t really explored Brisbane, I much prefer to be away from the hustle and confines of the city but there are some great places to walk about freely, we found a few yesterday.

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