Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Although we heard some complaints about the campsite and there were signs it had seen better days it only cost $20 for an unpowered site at Kulgera whereas Kings Creek Station was $25 per person and $10 each for children. I think it provides a reasonable service.

Update on our car alarm incident: It seems that the cacophony was payback for ignoring numerous dashboard warnings that the keyfob battery was running very low!

This morning we heard that any South Australians returning home would have to spend 14 days in quarantine, we’re happy to do that if necessary at the end of our holiday but don’t see the point at this stage. We decided to do another U Turn and head back up the Stuart Highway to Stuart’s Well which is about 90 kms south of Alice Springs and wait there until we heard what was happening about the lockdown.

The lockdown was supposed to end about midday on Saturday but we hadn’t been here long when we heard it had ended so people were free to enter the town again. I’m sure we’ll be filling out paperwork in future detailing where we’ve been and when so we decided to put a day between the lockdown ending and us arriving.

After having lunch/dinner at the roadhouse we went back along the Stuart Highway to the turnoff for Henbury Meteorite Craters.

Tomorrow we’ll move on, we don’t intend to stay in Alice but do need to do some shopping then travel on, maybe to Alieron.

Comments on: "Day 13 Kulgera to Stuart’s Well" (4)

  1. Al was doing her 14 day quarantine in Mel when caught with extra days. A few essential purchases left her needing adjoining visit which is when a Telstra employee also went, meaning there were 6 more days & tests required. Did find out & confirmed with my GP (who has been SA AMA Pres)that they’ve really refined the nasal swabs. Pleased when I heard you would be free to pass through ALICE. You do have a sophisticated key fob!

    • Overheard some truckies lat night talking about “brain probes” at the border, certainly hope we don’t have to be tested like that anywhere.

  2. Glad you decided not to go back to s.a. And you caught the news alice springs was open. i think qld is pretty well open too. Been an interesting adventure

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