Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Stornoway to Ullapool

After packing up our gear and getting everything into the back of the car we left “Seaview Cottage” and set off for Stornoway. Lena and Mark dropped us off so we could walk around until it was time to go to the ferry. We went straight to the Art Centre and spent some time looking at the Art Works displayed then we went to the cafe because they know how to make a good Flat White. When we came out I decided since we were just walking around I’d check the GPS for caches and found three close by. Two were beside the sculptures of Herring Girls and the third was also down by the harbour, we’d actually been right there before I’d checked the GPS. I was happy finding 3 out of 3 especially as two were minute.

Alex particularly enjoyed walking about the wharf, checking out the rusty trawlers and deciding which would be best for making trips from Cromore to Stornoway. After going into a couple of cafes not far from the wharf and coming out just as quickly we decided the best idea was just to go to the Ferry Terminal. Lena and Mark were already there so we just waited until it was time to drive on.

Because I’d heard many times that the trip across The Minch could be very rough we went straight to the front seats, I wanted to be able to watch where we were going. When the captain announced there was a northern swell and there could be “some discomfort”. I wasn’t worried but I still didn’t eat anything, just in case. I sat and watched the waves and the swell without any problems until maybe half way across then I had to go to leave the window for a “comfort break” that turned out to be the exact opposite. I was SICK and SICK and SICK!!! About half an hour before we docked I was able to get out onto the deck. Alex and I walked about Ullapool while Lena did some shopping and we saw the very exposed camping ground where we’d stayed in 1974, our tent was one that managed to stay in place while fancy bigger ones ended up with bent poles and “billowing sails”. We had to spend at least one extra day there because the sea was too rough and the ferry couldn’t run. I wasn’t sick that time.

It seemed a long drive “home” to Inverness and a welcome bed.

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