Some places we've been and some places we're going.

We were up at sunrise but the station workers had been active for a while. Two cattle trucks came in last night and I think they were moving the stock on this morning. We were very surprised to see a Shetland Pony checking out the campsite, it quickly discovered which campers had tasty snacks.

At 8:20 we were on our way, it was 220 kms to Tobermorey Station where we planned to spend the night. The Plenty Tyreway” certainly deserves its reputation, a truck collecting them would fill in no time. Along the way we passed a sign to Marqua Station 47kms off the Plenty, now to us that makes for a very isolated spot! Alex remembers the road surface being rocky but the most vivid thing in my mind was the deep red bulldust, both are still part of the “highway” and the corrugations, of course.

I think we arrived here at about 2:00, a tiring day. We were puzzled that nothing seemed to be as we remembered it from 20 years ago then we chatted with the “Handyman/Barman” from Wodonga who told us that the original place was wiped out by floods in 2019. I love the way they have constructed things not simply for function but to delight as well. In the evening we went over to the Bar where we chatted with other travellers and enjoyed the ambience of the place.

Comments on: "Day 19 – Jervois Station to Tobermorey" (1)

  1. Another great travelling day with fantastic photos. I can understand why you can only recall the red dust.

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