Some places we've been and some places we're going.

We thought we might have a hot drink at Murray’s before leaving town but there was a line-up of caravans at his place so we did without. A workman had just finished “cleaning” the toilets and warned me that the seat might be wet, the method of cleaning is to simply blast the cubicle with a high pressure hose so not only was the toilet seat wet the floor was awash.

Nothing remarkable happened on the journey to Burketown though there was more roadkill than we’ve seen so far. What looked to be some kind of bandicoot, a feral pig, wallabies, calf and an eagle. When we found the Burketown Caravan Park a sign said they had cabin vacancies but no available sites.

Some parts of the town seem to have plenty of water, Fergus enjoyed rolling on the lawn outside the Information Centre. The “Morning Glory Cafe” where Alex had some brunch, had planted pots out the front and a colourful mural on its wall and there was a central section of town with some play equipment, toilets etc and that had lawn. Most of the town though looked dry and unattractive even the pub the “most popular place in town” had no garden or garden features at all. (Not many photos, I’m having camera issues.)

Alex found the “Leichardt Falls” in the Camps book and we decided to try that for the night. There is water in the river but the falls are dry even so it’s a great setting. We were early enough arriving to have a good choice of campsites and chose one with shade. The area is very sandy and rocky in parts so the driver needs to choose the track wisely sometimes the “chicken track” is the way to go other times the original track is better.

We scrambled down to the river bed.

While it was still light enough to be safe we walked to the top of the Falls.

We’ve managed to book the last site available at Normanton for tomorrow night and will be able to restock our supplies. It will be a can of Mackerel for me tonight, Alex will have to survive on the Barra Burger he had earlier today, the Ginger Beer is all gone and the last can of Cider was finished this afternoon, things are getting desperate 🙂

Comments on: "Day 30 Gregory to Leichardt Falls" (4)

  1. I just so love your blogs Sue. Very pleased to actually see YOU with Fergus watching the river. Love all the bird and animal life you manage to see. The scenery is such a joy.
    Enjoy your mackerel.

    • Delicious Garlic Prawns with Rice for dinner tonight, Cindy, quite s step up from tinned Mackerel – Mediterranean Style, though I did enjoy that.

  2. Gary Chesterman said:

    Hi travellers,
    Loving the blogs and pics, well have to get together and compare “notes” when we all return.
    What a contrast with your lattes story. We’ve travelled from Adelaide to Coober Pedy, then a big U-Turn back to Ceduna and across the Nullarbor, up through Kalgoorlie and arriving in Derby today. There was some road kill up to Coober Pedy (and return!) but once into WA there has been virtually no road kill. To top it off after 6160 km we had our first squished bug on our window. It should make cleaning the red dust off just a little easier later!! Keep the blogs coming they’re fabulous.
    Gary and Sue

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