Some places we've been and some places we're going.

While we were sitting having breakfast this morning we heard a lot of laughter and music coming from the Public Park behind us and when we checked it out we could see schoolkids enjoying some sport training. A group of adults were leading them and one very little boy was stunning to watch, he was so fast darting his way between the opposition when they played “Red Rover”. I think he’s a star of the future.

We called into the Three Tribes Gallery cafe for a snack before leaving town.

The last time we drove that road it was a very scary single track dirt with lots of Cattle Trucks delivering cattle to the Karumba yards now it’s all bitumen.

Karumba seems to be the port for dispatching zinc from the Century Mine between Gregory and Lawn Hill, there is a lot of activity down at that wharf. There are also a couple of boat ramps catering for the many fishermen who come here, there are boats all about the town. Seafood is for sale in several places with prawns top of the list. We drove around town and there are heaps of houses for sale, I think flooding in the Wet Season has dampened owner’s enthusiasm for the place.

After setting up camp I wandered about the Caravan Park and was very, very pleased to see that they have a Dog Wash installed, it’s amazing but Fergus seemed to enjoy being washed and didn’t protest at all. We now have a West Highland WHITE Terrier again.

We drove to a couple of ponds to check out the birds and walked down to a section of beach. When we were at Gem Tree Peter, our friendly fossicker, the buckets of prawns served at the Sunset Tavern so that’s where went for dinner and to watch the sunset.

Comments on: "Day 32 Normanton to Karumba" (4)

  1. Glorious pics, especially of Corella and sunset. Glad to hear Fergus is white again and that he loved his bath! Feeling envious as we endure a cold, wet day, maximum 11 degrees and rain all day. xx 🥰

    • There was quite a crowd at the pub watching the sunset. Many people left as soon as the sun went down but there were lovely colours for ages afterwards. Stay warm, Cindy. 🙂

  2. Alfred Aschenbrucker said:

    Hello Alex and Sue,

    Enjoying your blog as always Sue. Your knowledge of flora and fauna would rival Harry Butler me thinks.

    It’s a good time for you to be away as you probably know we are in lockdown at present and the weather is real wintery. Expecting some snow in the Flinders today and showers for the next week.

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