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Nitmiluk – Monday

We were up with the sun today so that we could take the Baruwei Walk, it’s too hot for us to be out walking once the day starts to heat up. I think the forecast was for about 32 deg. It was a lovely walk and takes you to a lookout where you can see over the gorge. The scenery is magnificent and photos don’t capture its magnitude. Coming back down the stone blocks and steps was a test for Alex’s knees but we made it down without incident. After we passed the meeting point for the boat trips people coming towards us were anxious to know that they were on the right track.

Flowers we saw on the walk.

Rock formations

Birds near the campsite

After our walk we were ready for a swim in the refreshing pool. After not swimming for so many years we seem to be making up for it now.

Comments on: "Nitmiluk – Monday" (4)

  1. Looks like a wonderful outing. Fantastic and interesting photo’s!

  2. I think Ive worked all the birds apart from the one that looks like a chook… the pair of black birds are crows. possibly torresian crow. I think the black hooded white chested bird is the pied butcher bird. the blue eyed bird is the blue faced honey eater which we have here. the little one in the tree trunk looks like a grey crowned babbler.. i cant find anything like the bottom one.

    • Thanks for the bird IDs, I’ll edit the text when we have a more stable connection. A new one for you to ID tonight. 🙂

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