Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Pheasant Coucal came out to say, “goodbye”

We left Coorinda this morning and drove back to Jabiru to pick up some supplies but also to connect with the Arnhem Highway and our planned stop at Bark Hut.


There were a few billabongs and marked bird sites which seemed promising. The Mamukala Wetlands was our first one and although it was a lovely billabong with an excellent hide there were very few birds to be seen.

Our next stop was at the Mary River and apart from a nice view of the river and some Crows there wasn’t much to see.


As we drove along the road for kilometre after kilometre possibly for about 50kms we saw warning signs but they were too far away for us to read. Eventually curiosity got the better of us and we pulled over to take a photo so we could see just what the danger was.

Curiosity could kill the cat

We were disappointed to find The Bark Hut closed so continued on down the highway. Almost to the Corroboree Park Tavern and Caravan Park we saw signs to the Billabong but decided to continue on and book in before going to check it out. After we’d set up camp be drove back to the signs then followed the directions for much longer than we expected. When we eventually reached the river or billabong we discovered it was an access point for boaties and people going on cruises. I’m sure we’ll have more luck tomorrow.

Corroboree Park attractions


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