Some places we've been and some places we're going.

I’m not sure but maybe the night’s Country and Western Rave somewhere in the town stopping at 6am stirred us to action, that means I snuggle down further in the bed and the manservant gets up and puts on the heater etc.

My procedure for starting the day on cold mornings.

1. Grab jacket strategically placed beside me the night before and put it on

2. Quickly remove fluoro orange beanie

3. Slam on hair-hiding/non-attention grabbing Beanie

4. Shuffle to the end of the bed and drape legs over

5. Grab tracksuit pants and put on over nightwear

6. Instruct manservant to remove Shaun the Sheep socks

7. Instruct manservant to quickly slide on Ugg Boots

8. Move as quickly as decorum allows to Amenities Block

9. Return to Camper and wait for manservant to bring Hot Chocolate and a Muesli Bar.

Our campsite was almost completely packed up before Fergus was persuaded to leave his sanctuary.

I was able to pack away my heavy hiking boots and wear my resuscitated sneakers. 🙂

As we left Cunnamulla on our way to Charleville we passed some Polo players out training, I guess they were up in the cold too.

Nothing eventful happened on the way to our camping spot for the night at the Red Lizard Caravan Park, 6 kms south of Charleville. It’s a great little park, a separated section of a working Station. There are old Station bits and pieces decorating the Park and even a small plant Nursery. A clever idea was using an old Twin Tub washing machine spinner drum as a Fire Pit.


The amenities have been built and decorated very attractively.


We went into Charleville hoping to get something nice to eat but we’d left it too late, I haven’t yet processed that the country towns shut up shop at 12:30 on Saturday. In fact some shops seem to close when the mood takes them, the IGA was open so we were able to get some Iced Coffees which we took back to camp.

The man servant is certainly not getting any days off courtesy of bought meals.

Only intermittent phone coverage here and no internet so this will be a late post.

Comments on: "Day 10 – Cunnamulla to Charleville" (3)

  1. I always wanted to go and look at Charleville with all the old buildings. Your manservant is worth his weight in gold, It is absolutely cold down here. Like the old days. Even been wearing beenies . Even wearing Dick’s lovely thick coat. Wonder if Bella could get me a hot drink in the morning. Sadly bladder does not allow

  2. Just popped in to say how much I’m enjoying your trip – it’s been a while since we were that way. We just experienced very cold ‘clean the frost of the car windows) mornings coming up the Newell on our way to Bowen. Take care Cathy

    • Nice to have you along for the ride. I think we might have left the coldest days behind us… least for a month or so.

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